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What is Boosterthon?

It’s the newest OCS PTO fundraiser yet!  The Aces Fun Run!   Only K-6 grades will be participating in the actual Fun Run.  Look for your student’s pledgebook if you haven’t done so already.  Register your K-6th grade student at and then you can start entering pledges from friends and family. Don’t have a student in the K-6th grade?  That’s ok, YOU can help us meet our goal by making a pledge for your favorite OCS K-6 graders. 

The pep rallies took place on this past Monday & Tuesday afternoons.  On November 7th (Fun Run Day), students will complete 30-35 laps (35 laps max) around a #FunRun track to raise funds for our school.  This is the only PTO fundraiser for our schools this fall – we will not be doing the candy sale or the letter writing campaign. 


Help us reach our Fundraising Goal – $24,000

Proceeds from the Fun Run will be used for technology, playground upgrades and water bottle filling stations.


K-6 Parent Action Steps:

  1. Register your student(s) on FUNRUN.COM on 10/29 for K-3 and 10/30 for 4-6.
  2. Reach out to sponsors by sharing your pledge link.
  3. All pledges and payments are made online.*
  4. Cheer on your student at the Fun Run on 11/7 at K-3 and 11/9 at 4-6.


Run and Done Collections

  • EASY for everyone! Sponsors only have to sit down once to pledge and pay while our school collects more funds!


  • Sponsors can either make a pledge per lap or a flat donation! If they make a pledge per lap, their credit card is charged after the Fun Run!


* Cash and check payments are still accepted. Must be turned in according to school policy. Your student will still get credit for the pledge or donation.


OCMS will be hosting a penny war fundraiser.  Put your spare change toward a great cause.  All proceeds from our penny war fundraiser will go to support purchasing a water bottle filling station, laminator, and an Ellison die-cutting machine.


Thank you for your support of our school!  OCS K-8 PTO