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Welcome back from Spring Break! Important Epi Pen Info!

Recall of EpiPen Auto-injectors:

Last week, while we were on Spring Break, a voluntary recall was issued on specific lot numbers of the brand name medication EpiPen Auto-injector.

This morning, staff members in the 4 OCS Health Rooms conducted an audit of all EpiPens to assess for any that may be part of this recall. Any student that had an individually prescribed EpiPen in an OCS Health Room that was affected by this recall, was notified this morning by the School RN with instructions of what to do to obtain a free replacement.

If you did NOT receive notification from the School RN this morning, your child’s EpiPen stored in an OCS Health Room is NOT affected by this recall.

However, please take a moment to check any EpiPens that you have at home or that your child keeps with them outside of school to see if they are part of this recall.

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