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We Need You to Act

Good News!  The Senate is adding more counties to HB 563 for purposes of non-public school tuition.  HB 563 will now allow tuition assistance in counties over the size of 90,000.  This would include Jefferson, Fayette, Kenton, Boone, Campbell, Hardin, Daviess and Warren counties.  

HB 563 is on the move. It will now offer non-public school families assistance for non-tuition related expenses across the state and with the cost of tuition in counties with more than 90,000 residents (Kenton, Boone, Campbell, Hardin, Daviess and Warren counties).  This legislation would be a major step towards providing all families with educational choice.  House Bill 563 is moving to a vote of the full Senate and House today to become law, and we need your help to encourage the House and Senate to support this historic bill. Click here to email your State Senator and Representative today and ask them to vote YES on House Bill 563 or call 1-800-372-7181 and leave a message.