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Twenty-four OCS Students Selected for All-District Band

Congratulations to the twenty-four OCS Band Members that made the 2017 KMEA District 2 All-District Band.  These students auditioned with area students from the Owensboro/Henderson/Madisonville area.  They will represent OCS at All-District this January.

Middle School All-District Bands

Samantha Hines, Flute–Gold Band 6th Chair

Emma Silvert, Flute–Gold Band 10th Chair

Alice Palmer, Oboe–Blue Band 2nd Chair

Isabela Riedell, Clarinet–Gold Band 9th Chair

Sophia Riedell, Clarinet–Gold Band 10th Chair

Willow Matthews, Clarinet–Blue Band 10th Chair

Olivia Taylor, Alto Saxophone–Gold Band 2nd Chair

Kyle Joiner, Alto Saxophone–Blue Band 2nd Chair

Joe Dixon, Trumpet–Blue Band 3rd Chair

Nick O’Bryan, Trumpet–Blue Band 9th Chair

Connor Moore, French Horn–Blue Band 6th Chair

Gus Lattus, Baritione–Blue Band 2nd Chair

Carter Osborne, Tuba–Blue Band 3rd Chair

Robert Hayden, Percussion–Blue Band 4th Chair


9-10 All-District Band
Mary Dixon- Flute 9th Chair
Makayla McCarty- Clarinet 3rd Chair
Cambron Johnson- Clarinet 7th Chair
Spencer Osborne- Bass Clarinet 4th Chair
Grant Toler- Bari Sax 1st Chair
Kendall Johnson- Trombone 5th Chair
Paul Pfeifer- Percussion 2nd Chair

11-12 All-District Band

Iona Palmer- Flute 2nd Chair- Recommended for All-State Audition
Kelly Hayden- Clarinet- 4th Chair- Recommended for All-State Audition
Evan Lorenzen-Percussion- 4th Chair