Thanks-SCRIP-ING Day – May 12

On May 12, OCS will be running another one day event featuring big rebates on ScripNow® products only.

For 24 hours you can earn some of the highest rebates ever offered from popular ScripNow retailers, and you’ll be able to order and print eCards minutes before heading out the door when you’re set up to pay online with PrestoPay™. The list of retailers will be released at midnight when it starts (, so you’ll have to wait until then to see the bonuses!

To participate, you need a ShopWithScrip® account, and you must be able to login to place online orders. In order to process these orders immediately, you must be signed up to pay via PrestoPay, ShopWithScrip’s online payment system.

Please note: PrestoPay requires 2-5 business days to verify new accounts. Contact Melba at 270-852-8033 to setup your online account.