Skip to content Celebrating Anniversary with 11 Days of Flash Bonuses!

ShopwithScrip anniversary is coming up at the end of October! Dedicated organizations and scrip shoppers have helped Great Lakes Scrip Center grow over the last twenty-three years, and they want to show their appreciation by partnering with some of our favorite retailers to run their annual anniversary promotion! For 11 days, from October 21 – 31, they’ll be offering a new set of 24-hour flash bonuses from different retailers each day.

OCS, please be aware as ShopwithScrip celebrates their “11 Days of Bonuses”, any bonus items that we do not normally keep in stock can be ordered on the bonus day this week and will arrive Tuesday, October 31. Any bonus items ordered on their respective bonus days after Friday afternoon will arrive November 7.
Please note: orders placed and paid for by check, cannot be released to you until check is received in the Scrip office.