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SCRIP Volunteers Make Rebates Possible

Thank YOU!!!!

Our SCRIP volunteers are the best!

All of OCS owes our SCRIP volunteers a world of thanks for all they do – day in and out, they make the rebates you earn possible!

From filling orders to picking up inventory to helping with accounting, these women and men make it possible for SCRIP to run as smoothly as it does – and they deserve a world of thanks!

Be sure to let them know how appreciated they are!!!

Sara Wilson

Carol Ralph

Larry Lyon

Ann Devine

Kristine Henning

Judy Denton

Angie Hagan

Carol Ralph Jr.

Cathy Goetz

Larry Sims

Pam Renshaw

Jennie James

Merida Hicks

Judy Rector

Jerry Gray

Janet Roberts

Karen Lewis

Liz Ann Thompson

Holly McCormick

Melba Schemmel

Karen Danhauer

Kristy Hayden

Karen Head

Juanita Garcia