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Scrip Terminology

Many of you have been working hard to understand how you can fit Scrip into your weekly planning.  You’ve been emailing Lisa to set up your accounts and a few have called or emailed with your Presto Pay codes.  Great job!  Let’s take a look at Scrip terminology for an even clearer understanding of Scrip.

Great Lakes Scrip Center – The wholesaler from whom we predominantly purchase Scrip gift cards.  After you have signed in, you’ll receive emails from GLSC about new products and bonus rebates.  In fact, you have probably noticed several back to school bonuses that will begin on Saturday (7/22). – Great Lake Scrip Center’s website.  This is the site you use after you’ve given us your user name and email address.  From this site, you can check your year-to-date rebate earned or sign up for Presto Pay.

Presto Pay – The online payment service offered through  Order payment is transferred electronically from the account you choose when you sign up.  A $0.15 convenience fee is applied to each order.

ScripNow – Electronic gift cards – (E-Cards) available from  ScripNow E-cards are delivered to your account, via e-mail, within minutes when you pay with PrestoPay.  Not all physical cards are available as E-cards.

MyScripWallet – A mobile website that can be used from a cell phone or mobile device.  It is not available from an app store.  Go to (using Safari on iPhone, Chrome on Android) and choose “Add to Home Screen” to add an icon to your device that you can access like an app.

If any of this is unclear, please come visit the Scrip office and ask questions.  We are here to help!