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SCRIP Software Transition Update

Thanks to everyone for your patience as we transition from a program we have used for over 10 years to a new software program! We have learned a great deal this first week, but we still have more learning to do!

To speed up your time in the SCRIP office, we are asking that you have your order written out on a piece of paper, or a SCRIP order form. This will help as we now fill your order first before we ever enter any data.

Also, in the past, some of you entered orders online and came in to pick them up and pay for them. You can still do that, however, it will increase the amount of time you are in the SCRIP office, as we have to go into a different software program, pull up your order, then fill the order, then enter into the new software. If you will just bring in your list, that will eliminate multiple steps and get you on your way faster!

Thanks for your help and your continued patience!