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Regarding those immunizations…

Important Immunization Changes for Students

Parents- please read this email carefully!! ALL children in KY must now have two additional immunizations and the school must have a copy of the updated immunization certificate. This affects all children in grades K-12. Please contact your pediatrician and see if your child has had the following immunizations. If they have, you will need to request a new immunization certificate and bring it to school. If they have not, you will need to schedule to get your child’s immunizations up to date.

Hepatitis A VaccineAll students K-12 are now required to receive a 2-Dose Series of Hepatitis A Vaccine, administered 6 months apart.  

Meningitis Booster — Students are required to receive a  Booster vaccine no later than 2 weeks after their 16th birthday.
Although this will go into effect at the beginning of next school year, we are encouraging everyone to go ahead and take care of this as soon as possible. Since every student in KY must do this, it  could take some time for doctor’s offices and the health department to meet the demand.

To better serve the families in our community, Nation’s Medicines Hwy 54 is now offering these immunizations at the Vaccine Clinic located inside our pharmacy at 3000 Alvey Park Dr West.  Please call to speak with any of our pharmacists to discuss your child’s vaccinations. Let us help make this new requirement quick and convenient!  Please click below: