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Put Down the Books – Pick up the Baby!

Fr. Jason McClure’s reflection at the OCS Christmas party provided us all with a challenge: Sometimes we need to put down the books and pick up the baby. The line concluded a story about a young couple trying to figure out how to stop their newborn baby from crying by reading various texts, when the grandmother shouted this advice from the top of the steps. It was a poignant line for a group of educators that provided both a challenge for the future and affirmation of our past. 

As we celebrate the gift of that baby to our world, we also celebrate the many ways we try to integrate the message of the Christ child into every subject we teach. We will never be perfect examples of that message, but we spend a lot of time and reflection on how to do this better. The Owensboro Catholic School System is a lot like the families that we serve. There are times of great joy, sadness, success, failures and even some dysfunction. There are times when others need to apologize, and times we need to apologize. Couldn’t you find these same characteristics in every one of our families?


As our system continues to grow in support of our parishes, OCS will continue to look for even more ways to powerfully integrate the teachings of “the baby” into the books. The goal is to make these teachings relevant in the decision-making process of every student served. We also want disciplined students with exceptional academic achievements so they can maximize their potential in the world. Catholic School strives for students who are influential representatives of the Church in college, and eventually in their own homes, at work and in the community. 

The people of the Owensboro Catholic School system are a gift! They provide a strong spiritual and academic culture. We have a broad base of eclectic, gifted faculty, and a hard-working, dedicated support staff. And the Christmas party even revealed of few of our crazy’s! But we should all feel deeply appreciative for them and the incredible responsibility they bear in helping our parents pass down the tenants of our Catholic Faith. 

But right now, during this special time, it’s even more important that we put down our books and pick up the baby! 

Merry Christmas to all of you during this sacred season. 

Tom Lilly
President, OCS