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OC Band Members Earn Outstanding Results

Congratulations to the Owensboro Catholic Middle and High School Band Members for outstanding results at the KMEA 2nd District Solo and Ensemble Assessment Event that was held at OCHS on Saturday, April 23.


All OCS Events reached the goal of receiving all Distinguished and Proficient Ratings with 37 Distinguished Ratings, 4 Distinguished Plus Ratings (an extra + from the judge noting a performance that went above and beyond), 11 Proficient Ratings, and 12 high school events qualified for State Solo and Ensemble.



Iona Palmer   Flute solo DISTINGUISHED  (Qualified for State)

Mary Dixon    Flute Solo   PROFICIENT

Cambron Johnson   Clarinet Solo   PROFICIENT

Makayla McCarty   Clarinet Solo  DISTINGUISHED  (Qualified for State)

Becca Ballard    Clarinet Solo  DISTINGUISHED (Qualified for State)

Kelly Hayden   Clarinet Solo  DISTINGUISHED PLUS  (Qualified for State)

Jake Hayden  Alto Saxophone Solo  PROFICIENT

Matthew Graviss Tenor Saxophone Solo DISTINGUISHED

Claire Hagan  Horn Solo  PROFICIENT

Jackson Bittel  Trumpet Solo DISTINGUSHED PLUS (Qualified for State)

Geneva Renshaw Trumpet Solo PROFICIENT

Josafina Garcia  Trumpet Solo DISTINGUISHED

John Lashbrook Trombone Solo DISTINGUISHED (Qualified for State)

Paul Pfeifer  Baritone Solo  DISTINGUISHED (Qualified for State)

Joey Phillips  Tuba Solo DISTINGUISHED (Qualified for State)

Nick Keller  Tuba Solo DISTINGUISHED (Qualified for State)

Evan Lorenzen  Snare Solo DISTINGUISHED (Qualified for State)

Paul Pfeifer  Snare Solo DISTINGUISHED (Qualified for State)


Flute/Clarinet Duet:   Iona Palmer & Kelly Hayden   DISTINGUISHED

Flute Quartet: Iona Palmer, Taylor Beyke, Mary Dixon & Madelyn Hempen   PROFICIENT

Clarinet Duet:  Cambron  Johnson & Makayla McCarty  DISTINGUISHED

Clarinet Quartet: Becca Ballard, Kelly Hayden, Cambron Johnson & Makayla McCarty   DISTINGUISHED

Saxophone Duet:  Jax Matthews & Grant Toler DISTINGUISHED

Saxophone Duet: Grant Toler & Samuel Self  PROFICIENT

Brass Quartet: Josafina Garcia, Geneva Renshaw, Caitlin Gillihan & Claire Hagan PROFICENT

Low Brass Ensemble: John Lashbrook, Paul Pfeifer, Audrey Fulkerson, Sam Wilson, Joey Phillips & Nick Keller  DISTINGUSHED

Tuba Duet: Joey Phillips & Nick Keller   DISTINGUISHED PLUS

Snare Duet: Evan Lorenzen & Paul Pfeifer  PROFICIENT

Mallet Duet: Rachel McBride & Alex Payne  DISTINGUISHED

Percussion Ensemble:  Evan Lorenzen, Paul Pfeifer, Alex Payne, Rachel McBride, Ashley Birkhead, Sam Wilson, Kennedy Roberts, Becca Ballard, Emma Oakes, Kelly Hayden, Jake Hayden, Jackson Bittel & Joey Phillips  DISTINGUISHED (Qualified for State)


Sophia Riedell    Clarinet Solo    DISTINGUISHED

Willow Matthews   Clarinet Solo  DISTINGUISHED

Justin Phillips   Alto Saxophone Solo   DISTINGUISHED

Olivia Taylor    Alto Saxophone Solo   DISTINGUISHED

Ben O’Bryan  Trumpet Solo DISTINGUISHED

Kendall Johnson  Trombone Solo  DISTINGUISHED

Sebastian Lattus  Trombone Solo  DISTINGUISHED

Gus Lattus  Baritone Solo DISTINGUISHED

Sean Henry  Snare Solo  DISTINGUISHED

Spencer Osborne  Mallet Solo  DISTINGUISHED


Flute Quartet:  Sam Hines, Alexis Gehring, Emma Silvert, Tennyson Crisler   PROFICIENT

Clarinet Trio: Willow Matthews, Isabela Riedell & Sophia Riedell   DISTINGUISHED

Saxophone Quartet:   Reece Peach, Kyle Joiner, Olivia Taylor & Hayden Clark   DISTINGUISHED

Woodwind Quartet:  Elizabeth Keller, Grace Gonzalez, Avery Nalley & Justin Phillips   PROFICIENT

Brass Trio:  Joe Dixon, Thomas Gonzalez & Gus Lattus   DISTINGUISHED

Brass Trio:  Ben O’Bryan, Kendall Johnson & Sebastian Lattus   DISTINGUISHED PLUS

7th Grade Percussion Ensemble:  Robert Hayden, Jaden Bertke, Brandon Fulkerson, Clay Thompson, Kristen Ebelhar, Joe Dixon, Willow Matthews, Isabela Riedell & Sophia Riedell   DISTINGUISHED

8th Grade Percussion Ensemble:  Sean Henry, Michael Keller, Alex Wolfe, Spencer Osborne, Justin Phillips, Sebastian Lattus, Ben O’Bryan, Kendall Johnson, Grace Gonzalez &   Avery Nalley  DISTINGUISHED