Bingo Procedures during COVID-19

To keep volunteers and guests safe, the following rules are in effect at the Big Blue Bingo Hall for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • There are only 252 chairs available in the Bingo Hall. Chairs must stay in assigned spot indicated with an “X”.
  • You cannot enter the Bingo Hall until it is an hour before the Bingo vendor starts the sale of pulltabs. This varies from vendor to vendor so please check with them. You cannot start lining up for entrance until 4pm. You must keep 6 foot apart while in line.
  • Concessions: There will be paper menus on the tables. If you want to order something from the concession, please fill out the order form and take to the counter. Please stay 6 feet apart when in line. After you place your order and pay for your food return to your table, the food will be brought to you. BRING YOUR OWN INK PEN!
  • When you arrive at bingo you will be asked by all vendors to sign a waiver of liability indicating that you know the risk by coming to play Bingo. The vendor will also be required to take your temperature. If your temperature is 100.4 degrees or over, it will be taken again. If on the second, try it remains at 100.4 degrees or over you will be required to leave.
  • No cloth personal chairs are allowed in the hall at this time. We did not throw them away they are in storage.
  • All volunteers and players will be REQUIRED to wear a mask or face shield. If you are not medically able to wear a mask, then you will have to wait to play bingo after the COVID restrictions have been lifted.
  • The restrooms will be sanitized before Bingo begins. If you want to bring sanitizing wipes or spray to use, please DO NOT flush wipes down the toilet. If we have plumbing issues it may result in having to close Bingo for a night or two.
  • The side entrance closest to the restrooms will be locked before Bingo. All people entering will have to enter in the front. After bingo, the door will be unlocked for people to use as an exit. The same for the back door next to concession stand. In the “front” of the building the set of doors away from the caller stand will be the entrance and the doors closest to the caller stand will be an exit.
  • Please stay in vehicle until doors open at 4pm
  • If there is a person that reports that they have tested positive and that they had been at Bingo within the last 2 weeks, the Arc of Owensboro will contact the local health department, the bingo vendor that corresponds to the day in question, and will disinfect the building (as will be completed daily).
  • Please be patient while we work through this new way of doing business because of COVIC-19 pandemic. Remember that the volunteers did not make the rules but have to enforce them!