OCMS Awards Ceremony Recipients

During the Awards Ceremony on June 3, 2015, Owensboro Catholic Middle School students were recipients of the following awards:

Christian Service awards for exhibiting strong Christian values were presented to: 7th graders – Kate Weafer and Hagan Edge; and 8th graders – Sean Whitehouse and Josafina Garcia.

The Father Ed Bradley Christian Student Athlete awards were presented to Meredith Stiff and Will Warren.

Religion Bee Awards were presented this year to – 4th place – Cambron Johnson; 3rd place – Zach Cecil, 2nd place – Jade Flaherty, and 1st place to Reisz Krampe.

Kennedy Roberts, Lyndsey Hobelmann, and Emily Haleman were recognized for their work on the Owensboro Youth Council.

Student Council reps were recognized for their leadership and service to the school: 8th grade –Sean Whitehouse, Jade Flaherty, Genarose Jones, Reisz Krampe, Sydney Smith, Nick Mills, Kennedy Roberts, and Sam Wilson. 7th grade – Alyssa Beyke, Rudy Clouse, Cassidy Carrico, Braden Dill, Jack Higgins, Carsyn Settles, Evan Goetz, and Katie Hayden.

Students of the Month for the school year are as follows: September, 2014: 8th Grade – Gabriella Clark and Zeke Smith; 7th Grade – Hannah Overstreet and Matthew Lynn; October, 2014: 8th Grade – Claire Johnson and Dakota McKay; 7th Grade – Kristina Stelmach and Max Hein; November, 2014: 8th Grade – Mary Dixon and Andrew Wiman, 7th Grade – Cassidy Carrico and Sean Henry; December, 2014: 8th Grade – Emily Haleman and Sam Polio; 7th Grade –Kendall Johnson and Ben Marshall; January, 2015: 8th Grade – Jade Flaherty and Will Warren; 7th Grade – Kaitlyn Durbin and Ben O’Bryan; February 2015: 8th Grade – Isabel Higgins and Nolan Clark 7th Grade – Madalyn Hyland and Jack Higgins; March, 2015: 8th Grade – Mason Grant and Cambron Johnson, 7th Grade – Rudy Clouse and Carsyn Settles; April, 2015: 8th Grade – Kevin Ralph and Hannah Payne, 7th Grade – Hagan Edge and Elisa Clouse; May, 2015: 8th Grade – Cody Stelmach and Meredith Stiff, 7th Grade – Michael Keller and Alyssa Beyke.

The following students were recognized for their achievements on the OCMS Academic Team: Lyndsey Hobelmann, Ben O’Bryan, Cambron Johnson, Grace Brocato, Hannah Overstreet, Lydia Wright, Josafina Garcia, Kate Weafer, and Mariathina Panayi.

Certificates were awarded to the following students who were among the top 10 Accelerated Readers for the school year: Makayla McCarty, Ben O’Bryan, Josafina Garcia, Spencer Osborne, Kate Weafer, Madalyn Hyland, Emily Haleman, Cambron Johnson, Rudy Clouse, and Lyndsey Hobelmann.

7th grade students qualified for State Recognition in the Duke University Talent Search: Brooke Boarman, Kaitlyn Durbin, Michael Keller, Spencer Osborne, Caroline Reid, Alex Scheithe, and Alex Wolfe.

OCMS students qualifying for The Presidential Gold Award for Educational Excellence were: Zach Cecil, Mary Dixon, Hank Dotsey, Sarah Englert, Lucy Evans, Jade Flaherty, Elizabeth Ford, Josafina Garcia, Grace Goedde, Emily Haleman, Lyndsey Hobelmann, Cambron Johnson, Genarose Jones, Jace Kessler, Michael McCarthy, Makayla McCarty, Mary Clare Mills, Hannah Padgett, Amber Payne, Hannah Payne, Sam Polio, Kevin Ralph, Samuel Self, Austin Stallings, Meredith Stiff, Caitlin Sullivan, Grant Toler, and Sean Whitehouse.

The Presidential Silver Award for Educational Improvement Certificates were awarded to:

Sarah Bemboom, Travis Bittel, Morgan Cecil, McKenna Ebelhar, Shelby Fulkerson, Mason Grant, Isabel Higgins, Claire Johnson, Sydney Kemper, Rachel Kyle, Andrew Meyer, Grace Millay, Katie Murphy, Alex Payne, Harley Slack, Hannah Trogden, and Hannah Wood.

Students who maintained High Honor grades for the school year are: 8th grade – Aliyah Berry, Trendon Byrne, Zach Cecil, Nolan Clark, Mary Dixon, Hank Dotsey, Sarah Englert, Lucy Evans, Jade Flaherty, Elizabeth Ford, Josafina Garcia, Caitlin Gillihan, Grace Goedde, Emily Haleman, Katie Hampel, Isabel Hayden, Margaret Hayden, Caroline Head, Aubry Hendricks, Lyndsey Hobelmann, Ivory Houle, Cambron Johnson, Claire Johnson, Genarose Jones, Mackenzie Keelin, Jace Kessler, Reisz Krampe, Rachel Kyle, Hannah Latham, Robby Leesman, Anna Lovekamp, Michael McCarthy, Makayla McCarty, Grace Millay, Mary Clare Mills, Hannah Padgett, Amber Payne, Hannah Payne, Paul Pfeifer, Sam Polio, Kevin Ralph, Griffin Rudy, Samuel Self, Austin Stallings, Cody Stelmach, Meredith Stiff, Caitlin Sullivan, Grant Toler, Madison Warren, Rachel Weaver, Sean Whitehouse, and Caleb Wimsatt.

7th grade – Brady Aud, Alyssa Beyke, Jayden Bickett, Cole Blandford, Brooke Boarman, Nick Boarman, Grace Brocato, John Cason, Brooke Cecil, Cecilia Clemens, Rudy Clouse, Kaitlyn Durbin, Hagan Edge, Lucia Federico, Hunter Garvin, Evan Goetz, Natalie Goodwin, Drew Hartz, Spencer Harvey, Sarah Hayden, Danielle Henning, Isabella Henning, Madalyn Hyland, Jonathan Isbill, Kendall Johnson, Logan Jones, Michael Keller, Elise Kerr, Ben Marshall, Anna Lee Meyer, Riley Miller, Lily Moore, Ben O’Bryan, Spencer Osborne, Hannah Overstreet, Caroline Reid, Andrew Riney, Alex Scheithe, Carsyn Settles, Kristina Stelmach, Stephen Warren, Kate Weafer, Jillian Wheatley, Isabelle Wright, and Lydia Wright.

Students who qualified for Honors for the year are: 8th grade – Sarah Bemboom, Ellis Birkhead, Gabriella Clark, Lydea Dickens, Gio DiGirolamo, Taylor Dukate, Shelby Fulkerson, Matthew Graviss, Abby Hagan, Madelyn Hempen, Beau Ingram, Sydney Kemper, Madelyn Lyon, Katelyn Murphy, Abbie Rock, Mary Catherine Scales, Peyton Survant, Karley Tucker, Will Warren, Sam Wilson, and Andrew Wiman.

7th grade – Cassidy Carrico, Austin Clements, Elisa Clouse, Carson Conner, Emily Dant, Jarred Deno, Jordan Ebelhar, Noah Edelen, Jack Hamilton, Griffin Heavrin, Sean Henry, Jack Higgins, Randchelle Johnson, Bethany Mayfield, Mariathina Panayi, and Celia Wright.

Students who received Academic Achievement awards are: 8th grade –– Dalton Baisden-Wade, Travis Bittel, Morgan Cecil, Sarah Beth Clemens, Bristen Hagan, Graci Judd, Mattie McFadden, Michael Miller, Alex Payne, Bailey Simone, Harley Slack, Zeke Smith, Noah Todd, Hannah Trogden, and Hannah Wood.

7th grade – Brandon Ballard, Braden Dill, Max Hein, Chance Jones, Matthew Lynn, and Cassidy Towery.

Band Awards were presented to the following: 7th Grade Most Improved Band Member: Spence Osborne; 7th Grade Outstanding Band Members: Kendall Johnson and Ben O’Bryan; 8th Grade Most Improved Band Member: Sam Wilson; 8th Grade Outstanding Band Member: Paul Pfeifer.

The Middle School WKU Honors Band: Cambron Johnson, Josafina Garcia, Sam Wilson and Paul Pfeifer.

The Middle School All District Certificates in Band were awarded to: Cambron Johnson, Makayla McCarty, Josafina Garcia, Caitlin Gillihan, Sam Wilson, Paul Pfeifer, Alex Payne, Matthew Graviss, Ben O’Bryan and Kendall Johnson.

Choir Musician Awards were presented to Will Warren, Hank Dotsey, Makayla McCarty, Mary Dixon, Matthew Graviss, Trendon Byrne, Andrew Gray, Evan Goetz, Madelyn Hempen, Madalyn Hyland, Grant Toler and Cassidy Carrico.

The Bishop Medley Chapter of Junior Beta Club presented a Certificate of Recognition to Jade Flaherty.

Excellence in Algebra certificates were presented to Michael McCarthy, Sean Whitehouse, Zachary Cecil, Jade Flaherty, Emily Haleman, and Kevin Ralph.

Excellence in Algebra certificates were presented Zach Cecil, Jade Flaherty, Emily Haleman, Sean Whitehouse, Michael McCarthy, and Kevin Ralph.

Writing Club Awards were presented to Kaitlyn Durbin, Josafina Garcia, Cambron Johnson, Kendall Johnson, Makayla McCarty, Hannah Willner, Grace Brocato, and Cassidy Carrico.

Science achievement awards were presented to Lyndsey Hobelmann, Josafina Garcia, Danielle Henning, Jade Flaherty, Kevin Ralph, Cambron Johnson, Brooke Boarman, Isabella Henning, Michael Keller, and Alex Scheithe.

Outstanding Performance in Music awards were presented to Hagan Edge, Cassidy Carrico, Anna Lovekamp, and Will Warren.

Spanish certificates were presented to Jade Flaherty and Emily Haleman.

French certificate of achievement was awarded to Hank Dotsey.

Excellence in Art awards were presented to Mason Grant, Gabriella Clark, Melissa Fulkerson, and Nick Boarman.

Yearbook presented Certificates of Appreciation to Rachel Kyle, Lydea Dickens, Amber Payne, Hannah Payne, and Sarah Bemboom.

Excellence in History certificates Grant Toler and Emily Haleman.