K-8 PTO Raises $120,000!

Wow! The PTO Auction Dinner results are in! Thanks to the amazing work of the committee and countless other volunteers the NET Income from the auction was close to $120,000! This is a new record and absolutely AMAZING! THANK YOU!!!
After taking out $35,000 to carry over for next year PTO start-up money, these funds, along with money raised from Market Day, Box Tops, and other fundraisers are divided between the K-3 Campus, the 4-6 Campus, and the Middle School. The money is divided equally among the students using the student enrollment at each school.

Where is the Money Being Spent?

Last year, the K-3 Campus received $35,337 from the auction. Every penny of funds raised is used to ensure that our school is continually improving and providing students with the best, well-rounded education possible.
K-3 Campus Use of 2014-2015 PTO Fundraiser Dollars

32 iPads – $12,128

IPad Covers- $625

Renewal of Dreambox Math program- $17,850

Chairs for Grandparents Program- $560

RiverPark Field Trip Tickets- $1,100

Busses for Field Trips- $750

Catholic Schools Week Student Hats- $595

Holy Cards- $284

3 Apple TVs (piloted for Fund a Need) – $1,791

Total: $35,683

As you can see, the auction touches every student and family in  our school.  A BIG Thank you to all of those who worked and volunteered in any capacity! We are very blessed to have so many who are willing to give of their time, talent, and treasure!

At the K-3 Campus, the money raised from this years auction is being used to purchase SMART TV’s and APPLE TV’s, more iPads, and Google Chromebooks for the K-3 Campus. A library of 130 Bible Story books is also being purchased for each classroom. This money will also continue to cover trips to the RiverPark Center and other field trips, student incentives for Catholic Schools Week, Holy Cards, and more!!

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