SCRIP SUCCE$$ Announces the OneCard!

SCRIP SUCCE$$ announces the OneCard! This Discover backed OneCard can be used at the following retailers (over 40 retailers on one card) and will help you earn 5% toward your tuition rebate.

Macy’s – Gap – L.L. Bean – Old Navy – Crutchfield

TJ Maxx – Sunglass Hut – Fairfield – Nine West – Motherhood

Bonefish Grill – Courtyard – Bed Bath and Beyond – Kansas City Steak Company

Edwards Theatres – Outback Steakhouse – Regis Salon – Marshalls – Fashion Bug

Lane Bryant – Red Lobster – Borders – Bath & Body Works – Lowe’s

Pottery Barn – Carrabba’s – Williams-Sonoma – Olive Garden – Buca di Peppo

Piperlime – CVS – Lid’s – Catherine’s – Marriott Hotels & Resorts

Residence Inn – Springhill Suites – Destination Maternity

A Pea in the Pod – – Red Door Spas

The OneCard is available in $50, 100, $250, and $500 denominations. We are
currently stocking only the $50 card, but will gladly order other denominations
based on your requests.
Here is how it works: When making a purchase at one of the retailers listed
above, you MUST know your balance and tell the cashier to run it as a credit
card for the amount on the card or amount of the purchase. More than one form
of payment can be used!

Let’s look at an example – You are making a purchase at Sunglass Hut for
$175. You have a OneCard that has $45 on it. You tell the cashier to run it as
a credit card for $45. Once that is completed, then you simply present some
other form of payment for the $135 balance.

You can register your card at for added safety and security