Owensboro Catholic High School Students Earn High Marks on ACT Exam!

ocs_green_blackOwensboro Catholic High School students have once again outscored their state counterparts on the ACT college prep test, and have scored at or above the national averages in all subject areas!

OCHS 23.5
State 19.2
National 20.2

OCHS 20.8
State 19.2
National 20.9

OCHS 23.9
State 19.9
National 21.1

OCHS 22.4
State 19.7
National 20.7

OCHS 22.7
State 19.6
National 20.9

The five year trend is a key indicator of sustained improvement. During 2008-2013 the composite score average was a 22.6 compared to an average of 22 during the years 2003-2008.