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Phones Are Out!

Today is Friday, July 28th and the phones at both OCS Central Office and OCHS are out.  We are aware of the problem and a service ticket has been created with the phone company. Central Office and Scrip are both open today until 5pm. We apologize for any inconvenience.  Have a blessed weekend.

Scrip Terminology

Many of you have been working hard to understand how you can fit Scrip into your weekly planning.  You’ve been emailing Lisa to set up your ShopWithScrip.com accounts and a few have called or emailed with your Presto Pay codes.  Great job!  Let’s take a look at Scrip terminology for an even clearer understanding of Scrip. Great Lakes Scrip Center – The wholesaler from whom we predominantly purchase Scrip gift cards.  After you have signed…

SCRIP Software Transition Update

Thanks to everyone for your patience as we transition from a program we have used for over 10 years to a new software program! We have learned a great deal this first week, but we still have more learning to do! To speed up your time in the SCRIP office, we are asking that you have your order written out on a piece of paper, or a SCRIP order form. This will help as we…

SCRIP is open! K-3 News, Fireworks & more…

SCRIP is open! The SCRIP office is open this week.  As we told you, we have implemented a new software program.  Our SCRIP office is ran by volunteers so again, we ask for your patience and please allow a few extra minutes until we get the hang of things.  This system requires a totally new process for taking orders than what we have been accustomed to.  Upon entering the SCRIP office please be prepared to…

Director Newsletter 6.23.17

6.23.17 Director Newsletter