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Elementary 4-6 Campus Newsletter August 2012

Welcome! We are off to a fantastic start to our school year.  Thank you to all students, parents, faculty and staff  We like to welcome back all our returning students and give a big “Welcome” to our eleven new students!!!

We are beginning a new school year.  The next months will be full of learning, new friends, joys and excitement.  As we look forward to all that this school year will hold, we remember Jesus Christ, our brother and Savior, our Lord and God, who will walk with us everywhere we go, encourage us, protect us, and fascinate  us.

Remember if you ever have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call. 

Newsletter Information Each month a newsletter will be sent out from the school office.  In each newsletter you will find information concerning up-coming events and highlights of the past month.  A hard copy of the first newsletter will be sent home with every student.  Future newsletters will be posted on our web-site for parents to view.  If you don’t have access to a computer and would like a hard copy of the newsletter each month, please notify the school office. 

Homework Pick-Up School office hours are from 7:00-3:30.   Homework is placed on the benches in our front glassed-in area beginning at 2:15.  If your child is absent from school, you may pick up homework from 2:15-3:30.  If this time isn’t convenient for you, your child may just pick up his/her homework the next morning. 

The first Market Day Sale for 2012 is in September.  Orders are due by 9/11/12,  11:00PM CST. Your child will bringing home an order guide from school on 8/28/12 or you may order on line at www.marketday.com  The pick up day is 9/15/12 at the K3 campus cafeteria from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM.  Remember this is a PTO fund raiser and we earn based on every dollar spent.  Our goal for this sale is $5,501.  If you have questions contact: Paula Thompson Sandfer [email protected] or call at (270)-307-2269

The Great Book Race

What is it?  A school-wide reading competition.  Books have been selected from 4th, 5th, and 6th grade reading levels.  The goal is to read as many of the selected books by the end of the competition as possible.  There will be a chart outside of each homeroom used to keep track of who has read which book. The books must be read within the dates of the competition.  At the end of the competition there will be a “Great Book Race” assembly held for the whole school in which each homeroom will have one representative to battle in a quiz bowl of questions from EVERY book on the list.  The homeroom representatives will be selected by who read the most books!

How does it work?  After a student has read a book from the list, they will put a sticker under the book’s title on the chart.  This will go on for the duration of the competition.  Once the Great Book Race is over the homeroom representatives will compete in the quiz bowl, held in the final week before Christmas Break.  Each Student will be asked to take and pass the AR test over each book.   


  • First Place- $50.00 Scrip Card
  • Second Place- $30.00 Scrip Card
  • Third Place- $20.00 Scrip Card

When is it?  The Great Book Race will begin September 4th and go on until December 7th.  The booklist will be revealed on the starting date of September 4th.

Get,set, Ready, Start READ!!!!!!

Dome Theatre    $6.00 per student The Dome Theater will be coming to our school on September 17th.  We are so excited to provide this opportunity for our students.  The Dome Theater is an academic program that comes directly to your school. Kentucky’s Common Core Standards are covered in The Dome Theater’s 21 immersive (Video-Surround) learning programs. Programs cover a broad range of subjects including: language arts, science, history, math, biology, social studies, and more. Each teacher will chose their own program suitable for their age/grade level.  The following presentations will be shown on this day:  Cosmic Collisions, Passport to Universe, and Microcosm.  In order to cover the cost of the program, we are asking each student to bring in $6.00 by Friday, September 14th.  

Parent Teacher Conferences One of the keys to your child’s success is communication between home and school. Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled for next month.  This year we will be using an electronic on-line sign up system to allow parents to sign up for conference times.  Be watching for your child’s teacher to send you an email with a link to sign up soon.  Those of you with multiple children at the 4-6 or parents of sixth graders will get separate emails from each of your children’s teachers.  Sign up quickly to get the time slots that fit best with your schedule as soon as you get the email

School Picture Day! School pictures are scheduled for September 7th.  Students do not wear their uniform.  It is an “Out of Uniform Day.”  Students should wear colorful clothing and bring their best smiles!